Maybe you have a few questions. That’s okay; most people do. So, here’s a quick collection of some of the questions people ask us… along with our answers. If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us (or give us a call) and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

What is the surplus?

Surplus funds can also be referred to as an “overage”, or “excess funds”. It is just one of the names for the leftover money that homeowners are entitled to after their properties go under foreclosure. Surplus is created after a certain property is sold at an auction for more than what was owed to the bank/lender or the county.

Where does this money come from?

There are billions of dollars currently being held by the government in multiple agencies throughout each state. The laws for obtaining these funds are different from state-to-state and can be quite complicated and confusing to understand.
Additionally, if you have surplus funds and do not claim them in a specified amount of time (which varies in each state), they will go directly to the government, and you will no longer be able to collect them.
Our professional recommendation is that if you have surplus funds to collect, or think you might, get the process started as soon as possible so you don’t lose out!

Where is my claim being held and how much is it?

Since we don’t charge an upfront fee, it is our policy to not disclose the location of the funds until an agreement is signed. Once our contingency fee agreement is signed, we will gladly disclose the location of the funds.

What does your company do?

Best Asset Recovery LLC specializes in locating and recovering overage or surplus funds that result from a foreclosure sale. We then contact the rightful owner to help them recover those funds and get it back into their pocket.

Why was I not notified?

This depends on where the money is being held and how much time has already elapsed. In many cases Best Asset Recovery LLC, will try to locate the claimant when the claim is still new. This gives us the maximum amount of time to make the claim successfully, in other cases the claim may be just days from expiration. In either case, it is best to pursue the claim as soon as possible. In many instances the agencies holding the assets have requirements that need to be met before the money is released. Unfortunately, they typically do not move quickly so it is best to start the process ASAP.

How do I know this is not a scam and you won’t take my money?

Because we won’t take ANY money from you in advance. You are not to share any card details with anyone from our organization. You shouldn’t give us your bank account or any cash upfront. We absorb all the costs associated with filing the claim and recovering the funds.  We only get paid when we successfully recover the money. If we cannot recover the funds, which is uncommon, then it costs you nothing. We get paid from a portion of the funds recovered with the client getting the lion’s share.

How can I be certain that you won’t take all the funds?

We are to sign an agreement in which we will describe everything, and which, of course, you can check with your attorney before signing it off. In this agreement, we make sure that we precisely cover everything (including what percentage of these funds goes to us after we recover them for you).

Why should I hire you if I can do it all by myself?

You sure can do everything by yourself. It is just easier for you not to spend your time and money to research where your funds are, contact all the people you need to pay for an attorney, pay all the fees for getting documents from the government entities, prepare all the documentation, forms, and paperwork, learn about the laws and regulations, etc. People hire us because we have experience and knowledge in this industry and because there is no risk.

Why do I need to use your company to find my money?

The government agencies that are holding the funds don’t post these online and will not show up in an internet search. There are state websites that list unclaimed funds, but these are not the funds that we have discovered. If you don’t use a professional service like ours and try to find it yourself, there is a slim chance you will find it on your own.

Why do I need Best Asset Recovery LLC to help me?

The first prerequisite to claiming it yourself is to know where the money is held. Not all claims are easy to find. If you were to locate it, there are still good reasons for having an experienced third party pursue the claim for you. The agencies holding the assets oftentimes have many requirements that must be followed for proving your entitlement to the claim and formatting your request. These agencies can prove difficult to work with in responding and delaying the relinquishment of your money. After all, they stand to keep the money if you do not follow their rules and meet their deadlines. For this reason, having the experienced Best Asset Recovery LLC Team help you navigate the labyrinth may be a wise decision. Best Asset Recovery LLC also retain attorneys to successfully pursue your claim at NO COST TO YOU.

Why should I hire Best Asset Recovery LLC over another company?

As a family-run business, we truly care about creating a seamless experience with a positive outcome. We work to get the maximum return for you as quickly as possible. With us, you won’t have to worry about leaving money on the table.

Why would there be funds owed to me?

You have been identified as the appropriate party to claim these funds because property you owned has gone through a foreclosure or tax sale, or because you are an heir to property that has gone through sale.

What if the owner is deceased, who is entitled to the surplus funds?

Approximately 20 percent of Best Asset Recovery’s cases are completed for the benefit of heirs and beneficiaries of deceased owners. Our agents are knowledgeable and experienced with successfully handling surplus cases for Recipient heirs when an owner is deceased. Best Asset Recovery LLC has proven and established forms and affidavits our attorney will present to successfully obtain the surplus funds for the benefit of our Recipient heirs. If the deceased person did not have a will, their heirs are defined and paid according to intestate succession.

I am not the owner of record, why can I claim the funds?

If you aren’t the owner of record, you’ve been identified as an heir to that person. When someone who owns property passes away, and their property goes through foreclosure, the “heirs” of that person are the rightful party to claim surplus.
Sometimes it’s as simple as a spouse’s property, or your parents. However, in some states if someone dies without a will they died “intestate”, and so there is a predefined set of rules on who are the heirs. Your account specialist will walk you through how exactly you are entitled to the funds, but rest assured we are experts in this and have identified you as the right party!

I have other liens or mortgages on my property, can they claim my funds?

The answer is “maybe”! Each case is different based on many factors, including which parties are actually named in the foreclosure suit. Best Asset Recovery legal team will provide you with a detailed overview of your specific case at no cost to you. In many cases, these other liens and mortgages are not named in the foreclosure suit and therefore aren’t entitled to receive any of the surplus funds that you may be entitled to.

How long does the whole process take to receive the money?

No. You do not have to go to court; however, your attendance at the hearing is welcome. After you sign and return the agreement, our trusted counsel will schedule and attend all required hearings on your behalf. This helps folks who are out of the state and country still collect their surplus without all the additional hassle. Our service and goal are to make the Court Surplus Refund process effortless and stress-free for you. Our agents will keep you updated throughout the process.

I filed bankruptcy and have other unpaid debts; can I still claim surplus funds?

Yes, you can still claim surplus funds. We have had many successful cases pay out even after the homeowners filed bankruptcy to slow down the foreclosure process to buy them more time in their home. However, we will always advise you to use your surplus money to pay off any other debts to give yourself a new fresh start on your finances.

In what areas do we work?

We regularly audit government agencies throughout the entire country for overage funds belonging to private citizens.

How did you find me?

When we discover surplus/overage funds, we use various research and skip tracing methods, as well as internet searches, to locate the rightful owner.

How do I start the recovery process?

Contact Best Asset Recovery LLC by phone or email and a representative will discuss your claim in more detail and send the paperwork out to you to be signed.  Once we receive all the paperwork back, then we will put your claim package together and file it with the proper agency within 48 hours.  We will keep you informed throughout the entire process until the money is in your hands.

* The sooner you send in Best Asset Recovery’s Agreement, the sooner we can start working for you.

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